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Summer is the ideal season for big and small jobs... But how do you find a good craftsman near horsell? What are the criteria for choosing one?

After several weeks of confinement, your house in horsell is more than ever a refuge, amplifying the desire to feel at home: a third of Belgians want to renovate their home by the end of the year to improve their comfort. It's a good thing, as summer is the ideal season for both small and large renovations. Belgians always take advantage of the return of good weather to renovate and freshen up their homes.

If you don't feel ready to undertake the work on your own, it's best to call in a craftsman, who is an essential part of a successful project. But finding a trusted professional can turn into a real headache.

How do you go about it?

Consult your friends and family and rely on word of mouth

The best way to find a serious and reliable craftsman is to interview his relatives and rely on their experience. They will recommend a craftsman who has done a good job or, conversely, they will tell you who has disappointed them. But it is also an opportunity to see for yourself the results of the work. And the Belgians are not mistaken! When choosing a building professional, 83% of them think it is important to be recommended by someone close to them. And if you are thinking of buying the materials for your work yourself, don't hesitate to ask the staff at your point of sale for advice, they are there to help you.

Search online and consult the verified opinions

If, however, your family and friends have no particular recommendation to make to you, you can turn to specialised platforms (online directories of professionals) to consult the verified notices left by people who have used the referenced craftsmen. Don't hesitate to read as many of them as possible to get a more precise idea or to get in touch with Internet users who have left a notice.

Check the legal status and financial health of the professional

"Registration in the register of trades is compulsory for self-employed individuals or legal entities employing no more than 10 employees and carrying out a craft activity of production, processing, repair or provision of services". Thus, true professionals are necessarily registered in the register of trades. You can consult the list of artisans registered with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of your d├ępartement.

Make sure that the craftsman or craftswoman is affiliated to the obligatory insurances.

This is one of the most important points! When a craftsman intervenes in the field of renovation or construction, he must be affiliated to certain insurances, which are necessary to prevent or settle disputes. All the professionals who will be working on your site must therefore be able to provide you with professional civil liability insurance (finishing work), a ten-year guarantee (structural work), a two-year guarantee, a guarantee of perfect completion and, finally, a guarantee of delivery time. Ask for a copy of the insurance contract with its number and the contact details of the insurer, making sure that he is a recognised player on the Belgian insurance market. Check the period of validity and the sector of activity covered. If in doubt, call the insurance company.

Prefer certified or labelled craftspeople

Depending on the nature of the work envisaged, it is preferable to choose a craftsman with recognised building certifications or labels. For example, in the context of an energy renovation project, you must absolutely go through a craftsman to benefit from aid to finance energy-saving work.

Have several identical estimates drawn up

To judge the relevance of the offers and compare the services (price, quality of materials, seriousness of the professional), it is essential to have at least 2 identical quotes made before choosing your craftsman. The quotation has the value of a contract, so read carefully the whole document and the information contained therein: complete identity of the company, SIRET number, nature of the work to be carried out, type, quantity and unit price of the materials and/or equipment installed, cost of labour excluding tax and all taxes included, estimated start and end date of the work. In addition, do not hesitate to ask the craftsmen to undertake to come and correct any defects and to lift any reservations that you may have on delivery within 3 months from the date of receipt of the work.

Do not necessarily give preference to the cheapest estimate.

While price remains a priority selection criterion for 51% of Belgians, the price of a car is the most important factor in the choice of a car. If you are not sure about the price, be careful not to systematically choose the cheapest quote. Price of materials, labour, quality of finish, specificity or technicality of the work: if you cut back too much on these essentials, the result may not meet your expectations. Above all, look for the quote that offers the best value for money, and it doesn't have to be the cheapest.

Anticipate possible overruns

Even if the quotation does not stipulate any deadline for carrying out the work, the craftsman is obliged to carry out the work within a reasonable period of time, a period to be assessed by the courts on a case-by-case basis. Clearly specifying in the estimate the deadlines for carrying out the work as well as the consequences in case of delay will prevent the disappearance of the professional after the payment of the first instalment, or even engage his contractual responsibility if a breach of contract is established. For your part, make sure that you are beyond reproach so that the company is not delayed by your fault.

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